Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Circus

As children, I can remember we used to look excitedly forward to go the circus, The Gemini Circus. It was a day that had to be planned well in advance as our school timings were 9 am-3 pm and then we had drawing classes to attend, or singing lessons, or tennis time. And all the children (including my cousins) had different, but busy schedules. But we had to go together, hence the planning. This poem couples facts with a child's imagination. The only way I knew how to write poetry as a child - through rhymes.

The Circus

I went to the circus one day,
I saw a man lying on a pile of hay
There were many more things ofcourse
The circus belonged to Mr.Dorse 

There I saw monkeys,
There were lions too,
Of course we saw the elephants
Like we had seen in the zoo.

The chimpanzees were acting
The people were waiting
To see the show done by
"The Funny Guys".

We saw the clowns
Wearing a long gown
Trying his tricks
By jumping through the bricks

It was a funny sight
Two men were having a flight
We laughed a lot
And tripped on a man on a cot

We thought we must go
Then we saw Mr. To-Do-Fro,
He was laughing very loudly,
Ho! Ho! Ho!

- written on 30th January 1990