Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Little Old Man

This time on my visit to my home in Calcutta, I found an amazing treasure. My old poems written when I will still in school. 'The Little Old Man' is the first ever poem I have written, though I cannot remember what had triggered me to write it - maybe I was getting bored one afternoon, or I had seen something cartoon that had brought forward this visual of a man with his head in a can or maybe it was one of Noddy books I read.

The Little Old Man

There was a little old man
Who was very funny,
He put his head in a can,
Cause he thought he had seen a bunny.

His head got stuck
For there was glue in the can
Then the clock struck
And he heard the voice of a man.

He heard a knock
The door was not locked
He heard a call,
"Mr.Noddy, here is a letter from Mr. Hall".

It was the postman of course
Though he thought it was a fraud
Sent by Mr. Mock Morse
And certainly Mr. Noddy was very cross.

Mr. Noddy was very angry,
He was also very hungry,
He thought he will cook in his frying pan,
And then he thought of the can!

The poor little man,
Could not think of what to do
Who would pull him out of the can?
Who? Who? Who?

- written on 27th January, 1990