Sunday, November 18, 2012

Folk Art cushion covers

Some pullouts of work I did couple of years ago - cushion covers developed for Ouma Productions ( based on Indian truck graphics and Gond art. The techniques I used were digital printing, hand applique and hand embroidery. Image source:

The Kantha fish on the right

Tree and Deer cushion covers based on Gond paintings

Cushion covers in Khadi fabrics

White base cushion covers       
The Truck cushion
It was the first time I worked with the medium of digital printing and it was a huge task to get the colour matching right. The biggest challenge, I reckon though, was to maintain the stain free white base for most of the cushion covers, since each cushion cover passed through the hands of the printer, applique craftsperson, hand embroiderer and tailor, and was finally ironed and packed by me.