Monday, March 9, 2015

It will soon be 6 months since I came to the UK. We are at the onset of spring with the flowers promising the good weather round the corner. 
Crocus and snowdrops

My husband decided to pursue his masters in Human Factors at Loughborough University and that brought us to the land of pies and casseroles. We wrapped up our house in India. There was an odd sense of freedom in selecting from the material possessions we tend to accumulate over time, what we can pack in our suitcases for the one year we planned to be here.

                                                Sumptuous Christmas spread thanks to my friend Vaishali

The highlight of my time here, has been the interesting people I have met; a lady who worked in the hills of India in the 60s as a health worker, a specially abled fiesty lady who rides the town in her recumbent bike, a lady who mirrors the thoughts of our Prime minister that India needs modernization and not westernization, a taxi-driver aching to go back to his home country etc. We have been fortunate to have listened to their stories and those of countless others who speak fondly of the times when they have been to India. Our country of origin is often the starting point of many conversations.
The view from my window on a snowy day
But the biggest joy that I have experienced is the personal space around me when I walk on the cobbled paths of Loughborough and the busiest of London streets. Most people step aside, wait, let you pass, say thank you and apologize for mistakes which they have not committed.

People here are always asking me what do I do with my time. A lot of reading and a lot of writing! is always my reply.  And surprisingly, this is my first post since I came to the UK! I have been busy working on a research project on children's garment, but more on that in a separate post.

The reins of Whitewater are being managed by my younger sister in India at present and the studio has temporarily shifted there. And hopefully, you will see some of my UK reflections in the new collections in the coming seasons along with a new product line using materials local to Bengal.

But its a bright and sunny day and I should step out to catch up on all the sun I have missed in the winter the way weather is an important topic of conversation for me now:)

And I am waiting for the bluebells and walks in the blue woods...