Friday, December 16, 2011

Each special...continued...

I was chatting with the gardener at NID a couple of days before and he was telling me about some of the characteristics of the popat or the parrot and its love for the fruit trees. For the past few days, I have been thinking of writing a new poem on birds and fishes, and this conversation gave me a good starting point. Delving into the rich folk history of India, I discovered various interpretations of a popular story of a parrot and the Fig tree. In the Mahasuka Jataka, the story of the parrot is related to the life of a monk who is tempted to leave his home for want of alms, since the village is unable to provide for him. My next poem, a continuation of the earlier poem 'Each special' is inspired from this folktale, with my own twist added to it. I will let everyone enjoy the poem, while I move on to develop the illustrations and products based on it.

“To me, he gave wisdom”
The playful parrot spoke up
I can repeat whatever you say
I love to chatter, eat nuts and fruits
I can chew for the entire day!
“Each one is special, I agree wise owl”,
Look at my friend the Fig tree.
He gives me shade, food and a home
Together we will always be.
“But what about autumn, when the tree has no fruits,
And no leaves to protect from the sun,
Seasons change, Popat tell me?
Will you leave your friend and run?
Never, said Popat, come what may,
Our friendship is loyal and strong
Our hearts are linked like the fish in the sea
I will die but not break the bond.