Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Each one special

The illustration is based on a children's poem written by me, inspired by a popular folk notion of the peacock's vanity and the association of birds with the monsoon season. The frangipani tree or champa is a common sight on the streets of Ahmedabad.


Perched on the treetop,
The cuckoo sings
Dark clouds and raindrops
With him, he brings
“O cuckoo”, the peacock cries
“I have beauty and poise,
But not a beautiful voice,
How I wish, I could sing like you!”
“Ha! Ha! You can’t”, the cuckoo teased
You must have been naughty
When you were a small kid.
“God made us each special”
The wise owl spoke up
“Peacock, he gave you beauty
Cuckoo, he gave you voice
To me, he gave wisdom
And the nights to rejoice”