Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rang Khel


The cuckoo bird is singing; spring is in the air
White yells to everyone, “let's play loud and fair!”
Fill the balloons with water, paint the faces with rangoli
The festival of colours is here, let us celebrate Holi!

Red are you hiding in the gulal?
Are you playing hide and seek on the road?
In the tomatoes, strawberries or my shoe,
Come soon, Red or I will get bored.

I can see Yellow up in the sky
The colour of the shining sun
It is the colour of haldi mumma uses in food
With yellow, blue has so much fun.

Where is blue? Is he in the water?
Where colourful fishes swim and play
Is he with Lord Krishna who is playing the flute
Or with red he has run away? 

Red, yellow and blue love to play together
They can create more colours you see
When all the colours are mixed they make black
When there is no colour, you will see me.

I am White, the colour of rice
And the kheer we eat with a spoon
The cows who give us milk is me
I am also the colour of the moon.

Black is the colour of the small dot
That wards off an evil eye
It is also the colour of the dark clouds
Flying high up in the sky.

There are so many colours in the rainbow,
Violets, Indigos, yellows, oranges, reds and blues
The game is simple you have to tell me
To play Holi which colour will you choose?

  by Shweta on 19.03.2013